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A list of awesome things that I've done. Basically a portfolio.



This is a list of some of the awesome stuff that I’ve done. Okay, not all of it would qualify for a true Awesome List, so maybe this is more of just a list… Oh well. See below for some of the stuff I’ve done, places to find more info on me and more!

Connect with me

While this document is a good overview of my non-professional experience, my resume and LinkedIn are better overviews of my professional experience. My most up-to-date resume can always be found on my website



Linked In:

TripleByte: TripleByte Profile - I’m in the top 10% of engineers on TripleByte Certificate here


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My Website v3

Oct 2020


My personal website has a little bit of information about me as well as links to my most up-to-date resume, my Linked In account and links to other places to connect with me.

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Fantasy Pay

Feb 2016 - Oct 2017


This app was the start of an entrepreneurial effort by a friend of mine. It was going to be a service for collecting and dispersing Fantasy Football and other contest based payments. Unfortunately we got a ways down the road and realized that the business model had some issues, financially and legally, so we decided to stop the project.

I took this opportunity to dive into Angular 2+ and typescript. I learned a ton and really got into advanced Typescript usage.

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Vue App

Nov 2018 - Feb 2019



(currently login is not working because of a package version issue)


This is an app that I’ve been working on with a buddy, Matt, to teach him a bit about how to code websites. We are both using it as an opportunity to learn Vue.js more in-depth as well as Feathers.js as the backend.

Originally we went down a route of making this an app for recording and reviewing specific meals at restaurants so that I can actually remember that I don’t like the Chicken Parmigiana from Olive garden… Since then we’ve kinda just been approaching it as a learning experience and will probably use it as a base for something else in the near future.

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2015 - Feb 2017


Foursee is an app to help students (mostly me) see the effects of every point of every assignment on their grade for that course, their semester GPA and their overall GPA. I can’t count how many times myself or friends grabbed a calculator and tried our best to calculate this. If we just had an app to keep track of it and show us the minimum and maximum grades we can get and what the bigger effect would be if we got those grades, it would save a bunch of time that we could be spending on studying!

This was the first app that I really dove into. I learned a ton and re-wrote it like 6 times. I just wanted to learn how to do it right. In it’s current state it’s actually very well organized and has some really cool patterns to keep the code really DRY. It isn’t complete, but there is a rendering on the app’s readme of what it looks like in action.

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My Website v2

April 2018 - March 2019 - replaced with version 3


My personal website has a little bit of information about me as well as links to my most up-to-date resume, my Linked In account, github account and my Gitlab server that I host on my home server.

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Min-max GPA Calculator

Jan 14 2017


This is a simple calculator that calculates your minimum and maximum attainable GPA given your current credits, GPA and how many credits you have left.

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JS AST Visualizer

Mar 2019 - April 2019


This is a simple abstract symbol tree (AST) parser that prints out a visualization of it the AST. My goal was to understand how transpilers like typescript and babel work, more in depth. I think it would be really cool to do this in a way that helps teach the difference between typescript and javascript. Which parts are TS, which parts are just JS. This could maybe help people learn TS easier.

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My Gitlab Server

I host a Gitlab CE server on my home server (powered by Unraid, Docker, Traefik and Lets Encrypt). Because all of the data is hosted locally, I keep most of my code on my gitlab server. Most of the links in this page link there.

Dev Ops

One of the coolest things about running my own gitlab server, and having a docker based home server, is the dev ops and auto review apps. This means that I can setup Gitlab CI/CD to spin up a docker container that will do testing, building, performance testing etc. on every commit, as well as deploy to a docker container and automatically setup the routing with Traefik and set up HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt.

For example, when I commit a change to my website it runs through 3 phases

  1. Build the app, which will check for any build issues, especially with Typescript (this is separate because Docker hides some build issues sometimes, not quite sure why)
  2. Build a docker container for the app
  3. Deploy the docker container with Traefik configured to setup Lets Encrypt auto-magically

Other Services I Run On My Server

Open Source Contributions